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Are you navigating the challenges of existing in a colonized world as someone who identifies as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color?

At Weaving Stories Therapy, we recognize the complexities of moving through a white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist, ableist, etc. world with so many oppressive systems in place. We honor your minoritized identities and are committed to providing an affirming, decolonizing, social justice-oriented space where you can explore, process and begin to heal.

Our therapeutic approach is rooted in the power of human connection and empowerment. Together, we’ll collaborate and co-create ways to honor all parts of you. We’ll make space to grieve the parts that are tired/exhausted and we’ll help you reconnect to your internal wisdom, to things/people that make you feel alive and replenished, and stay grounded in your purpose.

Are you and your partner struggling with communication, facing trust issues, or feeling disconnected in your relationship?

At Weaving Stories Therapy, we understand the complexity of relationships and are committed to helping you and your partner build a stronger, more fulfilling connection. Our approach to couples therapy is designed to create a supportive environment where both partners can openly express their needs, concerns, and desires. We work with you to develop effective communication, conflict resolution, and empathy to help you nurture a healthier, more loving relationship. Our goal is to help you feel more united as a couple, create a deeper connection, and provide you with the tools to navigate challenges with grace and compassion.

Does your Filipino, AANHPI and/or Immigrant upbringing impact what you expect of yourself and how you show up in your family and relationships?

At Weaving Stories Therapy, we understand the connection between growing up in a Filipino, AANHPI and/or Immigrant household and how this impacts relationships with others and with self. We help you hold the complexities of familial and cultural expectations while also helping you develop the awareness and skills to understand your own needs and values, manage your emotions, and develop healthy ways of communicating. Our goal is to help you feel more confident and equipped to have healthy, more fulfilling relationships with others and with yourself.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress, struggling with relationship issues, or experiencing emotional pain that seems unbearable?

Therapy can help you navigate life’s challenges and guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. We tailor a therapy plan based on your unique needs, providing a safe and nurturing environment for self-discovery, growth, and healing. By working together, we will help you develop the skills and insights necessary to create lasting change. With therapy, you can expect to feel more empowered, self-aware, and equipped to handle life’s ups and downs with greater resilience and confidence.

Are you grappling with the complexities of gender & sexuality, facing discrimination or prejudice, or struggling with self-acceptance in your identity?

At Weaving Stories Therapy, we are committed to providing a safe, affirming, and inclusive space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment. Our therapeutic approach is tailored to your unique needs, fostering self-understanding, empowerment, and resilience. Together, we’ll work on developing strategies to cope with your internal struggles, family issues and societal pressure. We can help you navigate the complexities of your journey with greater ease and emotional well-being.

Navigating the challenges of parenting can feel overwhelming, and it’s completely natural to feel out of sync with your child, or question your abilities as a parent. We understand, and that’s where parent support comes in. We work alongside you to create a support plan tailored to your unique family dynamics, offering a comforting environment to help you develop a deeper understanding of your parenting style and goals. Together, we’ll equip you with the strategies and insights necessary for nurturing stronger family bonds and navigating the ups and downs of parenting.

Are you exhausted trying to navigate the many pressures of being a woman in a patriarchy?

From a young age, women are taught to prioritize others which means your needs get left behind leaving you feeling frustrated, exhausted and resentful. Objectification, dehumanization, workplace discrimination, body dysmorphia, PMS, pregnancy, infant loss, infertility, motherhood are but a few of the many challenges women face.

At Weaving Stories Therapy, we understand how difficult it is to be a woman in the world. We provide a safe space for you to express any and everything you’re feeling. We help you process whatever you’re struggling with and the many complexities of being a woman.

Are you finding it difficult to navigate the changes that arise throughout early adulthood?

It’s common to feel lost or unsure as you navigate the early stages of adulthood. It may be the first time you’re out on your own and have the ability to truly develop your own sense of self. Therapy can help you explore your feelings, identity, behaviors, or beliefs to feel more settled with where you are now and where you are headed.

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