Weaving Stories Therapy

Our Team

Monica Ramil

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT

Works with adults and couples. Daytime appointments. Virtual sessions available.

Jojo Rempojo

Jelissa “Jojo” Rempojo

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, AMFT

Works with adults and couples. Mondays daytime & evening | Tuesday mornings. Virtual sessions available.

Weaving Stories Therapy

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Weaving Stories Therapy—
How did we get our name?

Our name has several different meanings. Weaving Stories is a reflection of what happens as therapy progresses and healing unfolds – that is, we start to have more clarity and see how the different parts of our lives are interconnected. We start to weave the different parts of our story together in a cohesive way that leads to understanding and growth and allows us to feel more integrated and whole.

The weaving itself has other meanings. It is a tribute to Monica’s ancestral roots in the islands now known as the Philippines where weaving dates back to pre-colonial times. It honors weaving as a unifying practice while also appreciating the different methods of weaving, local materials, and the diverse patterns, colors and meanings from the various parts of the islands.

On a larger scale, Weaving Stories Therapy is a nod to all indigenous cultures across the globe and the communal, collectivist, ancestral wisdom that is passed down through both weaving practices/traditions and storytelling.